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Dive into the New Age of Accelerated Metocean Analytics

Our Services

Prevailing and Extreme Conditions Analysis

At every stage throughout offshore activities, from tendering, operations, to decommissioning, there is a requirement to characterize accurately the prevailing site conditions. Reliable results depends on the quality of the long-term datasets. In order to provide you with the best information, we will collect and generate the best Data relevant to your requirements, then manage in our advanced digital environment to be analyzed by our experts, for statistical calculations and extreme weather computation. 

Hindcast Analysis

We will retrieve the required historical period for your parameters of interest then assess and verify results against available on site actual measurements and satellite data, then finally produce time series of data.

Weather Window Analysis Integrated Software

Thanks to years of experience on projects and extensive knowledge of various regional weather patterns around the world, Global MeteOcean has developed a unique and highly performant toolbox for metocean data analysis. Users can access these data through a dedicated integrated web application that enables to confidently conduct optimum pre-operational planning including downtime period assessment.

Specialized Consultancy Analytics and Expertise

Beyond the provision of metocean data, MetOceanStat service offers unrivalled expert consultancy support including, data interpretation that will facilitate, accelerate and optimize your specific needs in actionable and insightful information. 

We Integrate With Your Project Ecosystem

The MetOceanStat service of Global MeteOcean has been supporting the Offshore & Marine Industry for decades with customized meteorological and oceanographic studies worldwide. Our in-house developed toolbox allows us to assist accurately and in timely manner your specific requirements. We ensure to deliver the highest standard and cost effective solutions.

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